About us

The International Service for Human Rights is an independent, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. We achieve this by supporting human rights defenders, strengthening human rights systems, and leading and participating in coalitions for human rights change.

From the development of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders to the foundation of human rights defender coalitions around the world, over the last 30 years, ISHR has made a major contribution to designing and building the global human rights system and to supporting and strengthening national, regional and international human rights movements.

ISHR has offices in Geneva and New York and local partners around the world. As a registered non-profit association in Switzerland and an organisation that is recognised in the US as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, your gift to ISHR may be tax deductible.

Read more about ISHR's mission, activities, impact and vision in our Annual Reports and our Strategic Framework for 2021-2025.