"No Justice, No Peace" The UN’s role in enhancing accountability for police violence against Africans and people of African Descent


7 July 2021 

4:00-5:30pm CEST

Online event

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The 47th session of the Human Rights Council will mark one year since the historic urgent debate on “current racially inspired human rights violations, systemic racism, police violence and violence against peaceful protests”. Resolution 43/1 that resulted from the debate mandated the High Commissioner to prepare a report on systemic racism, human rights violations against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement globally including in the United States, and governments' responses to anti-racism protests. 

In May 2021, 171 families of victims of police violence in the United States and over 270 civil society organisations from more than 40 countries called on the UN High Commissioner and the Africa Group to ensure the Council’s role in effective accountability and follow-up to Human Rights Council's Resolution 43/1 on systemic racism and police violence against Africans and people of African descent globally.

The High Commissioner’s report will be presented at the 47th session of the Human Rights Council, on 12 July 2021. 


This event aims to ensure that the voices of families of victims of racialised police killings are at the centre of the debate around the follow-up to Resolution 43/1. It will bring their concerns directly to the attention of States and other UN actors.

It will also urge States to act in support of maintaining the issues related to structural and systemic racism and police violence globally on the agenda of the Human Rights Council, including by effectively following up on the Resolution 43/1 and the report by the High Commissioner.

Last but not least, speakers from different countries will discuss how the UN can contribute to enhancing accountability for violations and killings against Black people and advance normative standards in the field of police reform, taking into consideration the High Commissioner’s report.

This event will be held online in English with simultaneous interpretation in French, Spanish and Portuguese. In order to attend the event, please RSVP here.

Opening remarks: 
  • Leigh Toomey, member of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
  • Jamil Dakwar, ACLU (USA)
  • Collette Flanagan, Mothers Against Police Brutality (USA)
  • Anielle Franco, Instituto Marielle Franco (Brazil)
  • Esther Mamadou-Blanco, Implementation Team for the International Decade for People of African Descent (Spain)
  • Ana Margarita Gonzalez, ILEX (Colombia)


  • Sheila de Carvalho, Coalizão Negra por Direitos
Photo: Flickr/Ivan Radic